The Wait Was Worth It for This House

I was looking in the newspaper for different homes to look at, and I even purchased one of those publications that have luxury listings in them. I was having no luck though, and I was actually growing frustrated with the search. I thought it would be fun finding the home I was going to buy, but it ended up being a huge time waster, at least at first. A friend told me about a realtor that his cousin had used, and then said his website is here, pointing to his computer.

I looked at the houses that were listed, and I did like them but none struck a chord with me. Still, I figured that this might be worth a shot, so I contacted the realtor and explained my dilemma. He asked me quite a few questions to determine what exactly it was that I wanted, and then he told me that he could send me some listings to my email to look over. When I checked my email the next morning, I finally started to get my hope back. There were three houses there, and each one was getting closer to what I wanted.

I was still not willing to settle for anything less than what I wanted though, and the realtor I was working with completely understood. He told me that he would keep looking, and he was true to his word. It only took two months before a house came on the market that met all of my requirements, and I grabbed the opportunity as soon as I saw it in person with him. It was a long process, but I am so glad I went this route because I would never have found this house the way I had been approaching the house search on my own.