Modest Used Wii Games

Posted on June 28, 2018 By

It doesn’t make a difference, if you’re purchasing a PS3, a Xbox 360, a PS3, an iPhone, Wii, or a DSI. In the event that your one of the first in line to purchase one, you get the chance to pay somewhat additional. It makes me wonder why individuals stand in those lines for simply that benefit. I however have a tendency to be somewhat late to the gathering, and get the chance to play with the same toys, for less cash. With regards to getting shoddy diversions for the Wii, I know exactly where to look.

You’ve probably noticed the games shelves in your favorite video store full of the latest Wii, Xbox, and PS3 games. They usually rent for a little more than that DVD your holding in your hands, and a whole lot less then the price of a new Wii console game.

If you rent more than 3 games a month, it’s probably a good idea to check out the stores that rent games on a monthly membership payment plan. Usually for less then $25, you can play as many games as you can stand. When you’ve had enough slaying orcs, and would rather race a formula 1, then no problem. Just return the dead orcs, and jump into your favorite race car.

Renting games this way has a few pitfalls, but they are mostly outweighed by the advantages. Having plenty of titles to choose from, is just one of them. All the money you save, could go towards the next must-have console, or handheld gaming toy that’s just around the corner. If you do find a game you really like, most companies give you the option of buying it at a reduced price.

Most Wii console owners are families. Family gamers, don’t usually spend a lot of time staying on top of the latest game reviews, so renting makes a lot of sense. Better than paying full price for a lemon of a game.

We had our Wii for at least a year I think, before I was even aware there were down-loadable games available. But there are, and they are known as WiiWare. There were about 250 games available, last time I looked. Not a lot I know, but there are some good ones. One I’ve played that’s lots of fun, is World of Goo. I think the average price is around $5 to $10.

If you haven’t thought of my final suggestion yet, I’m a little surprised. Everyone should buy at least one used Wii game, just for the experience of it. Everyone gets bored of their games at some point, and could use a little extra cash for a new one. This is where you need to jump in. You can usually get a very good game for about half price. And, it’s better than stealing them from your friends when their not looking 😉

Finally, before I go, one last little piece of advice. Don’t rush! Sit back, relax and breathe. Or as my good friend Jimmy Buffett would say “Breathe in… breathe out… move on.”. What I’m suggesting here is, wait a while after a game is released before you buy a copy. They’ll be cheaper, but just as much fun as they were on day one.