Moving Mickey A Charming Toy

Posted on June 6, 2018 By

Mickey Mouse has been around longer than the greater part of us. Presently as Dance Star Mickey he has been reawakened. This is an extremely prevalent toy focusing on youngsters up to six years of age yet truly, all ages that interact with him will appreciate! He sings six distinct melodies and has singular moves for every one of them.

Made by Fisher-Price using the latest technology, Dance Star Mickey involves your child in interactive games and groovin’ dance moves. People of all ages are captivated by Mickey’s charming and cute personality. His hands and legs move, he spins, glides and slides and he’s light enough for kids to carry around. “Freeze” and “Mickey Says” are interactive games the whole family can play together with Mickey.

Mickey Mouse has been around since 1928 when he was created by Walt Disney. As a matter of fact, his date of birth was November in 1928 and to this very day people are as passionate about him as ever. His character traits exude cheer, fun and kindness wherever life may take him. Mickey can be heroic, brave, comical, forgetful, loyal, show kindness and always fun loving. He has been in many feature films, television programs, comic strips, Mickey Mouse Clubs, music performances, video games, toys, games and interactive books over his lifetime career. It is a fact that the only thing more recognizable than this popular character by people all over the world is the American Flag.

Dancing Mickey posses many adorable qualities. His hands and legs move while he dances and sings. He does spins on by making use of rollers that are on the bottom of his feet. Put him on hard floors then be fascinated as slides and glides to the music. While singing, his mouth keeps time with the music and words. And his two favorite games are “Freeze” and “Mickey Says,” are an old replay of Simon Says from years ago. Today’s toys use up-to-date technology to bring your child the ultimate in play time interactive fun.

Kids will want to carry Mickey wherever they may go; he will become their best friend and he is easy to carry! He only weighs around 4.5 pounds. For instant excitement do not forget to pick up batteries, you will need six double A’s.

Dancing Mickey has rubbed shoulders with celebrities this year like Donnie Osmond, in addition to his guest appearance on Dancing with the Stars. his ever popular image is attaining new heights with the kids. To avoid disappointment with out-of-stock retailers, be sure to check this little guy out at your first convenience. Dance Star Mickey currently resides on everyone’s best toys list for the year. He makes a perfect gift for your child or maybe you have a toy collector in the family. Honestly, you may want one for yourself!