Rise Your Combat Power in Lineage 2

Posted on July 7, 2019 By

The lineage 2 classic Adena game is almost entering its 3rd week for release. Certainly, the game that features extraordinary graphics and a war system that has up to 60 players involved makes it even more interesting to play. However, in these 3 weeks what character do you have? Is leveling okay? On the other hand, are you Combat Power (CP) above the average? CP itself in the Lineage 2 Classic game is a very important factor which explains to other players how strong our character is and to help defeat stronger monsters. CP is a separate score from the main level, so as your level rises CP also has to go up simultaneously. However, if your level is high and CP is low there might be something abnormal in your character. To see how your CP is above average, you can click on the menu and click on the character, then see on the right side you will see ‘Standard CP’, and on the left is your CP.


Increasing your achievements tier is one way to get a large CP. However, this one method is very difficult because there are so many activities that you have to achieve, for the easier one is to increase “Defeated with One Hit” this experiment gives you very big points. Then what is the easier way to improve it? You just go to Experience Dungeon, but the trick is that you always have to use Soul Shot while you are there. Aside from increasing the attacks that you have, it would be nice to enter the EASY dungeon and always take damage buffs. You can also get the l2 classic Adena provides by buying on sites that it to help increase your CP rapidly.


Maybe you also know that Skill also increases CP. But for Active Skill, it doesn’t provide CP, but only gives a stat to your character. For CP you have to increase Passive Skills more often, even though Passive is considered as a minor player.


Rune is one of the laziest to improve, because it consumes Adena (the name of money in Lineage 2 Classic) which is very much. But these Runes are the biggest to increase your CP. Every time you go up 10 levels the pages of Runes will open, and each of your pages must increase it to level seven (this level is maximum for the 70-character level down). Even though you are drained there are many advantages generated by Runes, not only does CP increase but your character stat will also increase. Rune can be bought by lineage 2 adena classic and you can get it from the offerers.


Mounting here does not only function as a mount but can add a large CP. in the picture above the CP is generated up to 7,723, this CP still uses a C-A equip grade, just imagine the S-grade equip might get bigger. In addition, every time you win another mount when added it will increase the CP too. To get the equip mount, you only enter the Summoning Stone Dungeon. As much as possible you should never for AFK / Auto because this dungeon is very easy to complete. Moreover, you will get many max rewards.

Info from: https://r33team.com/lineage2-classic/